How to get Results faster than anyone else.

The big day is approaching and it is time to lose weight before that special occasion, wedding, or vacation.  Have you ever put off losing weight and then realized that you only have 4 weeks to get ready?  What do you do?  Buy bigger clothing or cover up?  Or do you decide to commit on Transforming your body within 4 short weeks?

Here at Extreme Fitness Indoor Boot camp we share techniques and workouts that when done in a specific order combination has Maximum Rapid Fat Loss Results.

  • Try a total body workout 3 to 4 times a week that focuses on all of those stubborn trouble zones; arms, hips, thighs, and tummy.  A Total body workout is designed to exercise multiple body parts at one time while always engaging the core muscles.  This will sculpts your entire body and deliver an all-over slimming result fast.
  • Increase the level of Intensity with 30 to 60 second intervals.   High Intensity bootcamp workouts jump starts your Metabolism and gets your body to work like a fat incinerator. You can lose up to 9 times more fat than the traditional cardio workouts.
  • Add strength training and lean muscle to Sculpt a sexy silhouette!  Adding 3-5 lbs of lean muscle not only gets you looking tight and tone, but it burns fat for you all throughout the day.  Strength training rev’s up the Metabolism up to 24 to 48 hours following a strength training workout.
  • Consistency and Variety is the key to your Body Transformation for your special occasion, wedding, or vacation.   Variety boosts results.  The body can adapt quickly and learn to perform the same exercises using the least amount of energy which slows down results.  Rapid Fat Loss Bootcamps prevent the body from shutting down and the workouts push through to stimulate new awakened muscle groups to burn more energy.

To get Faster results than anyone else… Utilize these Four Fat Blasting Techniques and in 4 short weeks you can be on track to a Tighter, Slimmer, Toned body.

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Yvette Scamperino   Weight Loss Trainer & Coach

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