Chino Hills Extreme Fitness Bootcamp Survives the Feasting Season and Loses Weight and Inches.


After a month  of Indulging starting with Thanksgiving Dinner all the way through Christmas Dinner parties. The average American will put on 7-10 lbs of fat that becomes hard to lose.  This becomes especially challenging to control the weight when you take into consideration over a course of 5 years.  The pounds keep storing.

Here are some Holiday tips that my Clients use at My Fit core to not only NOT gain the weight, but actually lose 8-12lbs within a 28 Day Slim Down.

Eat often throughout the Day

Yes, I want you to eat.  I don’t want you to deprive yourself.  When you skip a healthy meal, the body and the mind have an easier time taking over and we seem to lose control of will power to resist the unhealthy temptations.  So eat Conscientiously and frequently.  When you are Hungry.  When in doubt of what should you eat.  Reach for Lean Proteins as your first choice to satisfy your hunger.

What is a Lean Protein?  Serving Size 3-4 ozs per meal.

  • Chicken Breast
  • Turkey Breast
  • Tilapia
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Flank Steak
  • Bison
  • Eggs
  • Protein Drink -under 4 carbohydrates and ove 20 grams of protein per serving

Drink Water or Home Brewed Green Tea all throughout the day

Most people mistaken hunger for thirst.  Have you ever felt thirsty, but you reach for the first bag of chips or sweets to satisfy that feeling?   Very common yet simple strategy to overcome.  Give it a shot and try this.  The next time you start salivating and think you might be craving or hungry, drink a big glass of Green Tea unsweetend or with a packet of sweetner.  You will be surprised that your cravings of what You Thought was hunger was just thirst.  You probably will save yourself 200-400 calories 2x a day with this simple technique.

Do a High Intensity Workout 3 x a week for only 30 mins

This all you need to Blast fat from your body.  30 mins 3 x a week.  I tell my clients just give me 30 minutes and I can zoom your Metabolism out of the Stratosphere with an 18 hour afterburn technique.  We are all so busy with life, work, family, and committments that my Trainers and I ( Your Weight Loss Trainer & Coaches ) have to be the Most Efficient at burning fat for our Clients.  I tell them give me 30 minutes and the 23 1/2 hours are all theirs….  My Proven technique works so well that the non belivers become Extreme Fitness Bootcamp believers within the first week of weight loss of 2-4 lbs.

Join a program with a Friend

When you workout with a friend  your accountability with the buddy increases.  Sometimes you need someone looking over your shoulder to keep you on track.  In addition, the clients that I work with are all encouraged to share their weight loss success’s with one another.  The Weight Loss Trainers and Coaches bring Motivation and encouragement to help get you through  your plateaus and push you into the next wave of weight loss.  We have 2 for 1 specials to Encourage the buddy system.

Celebrating the Holiday Season with Activity

Try walking around the neighborhood and view all the Christmas lights and decorations.  Create new holiday traditions with your family that will keep you active and help control the extra holiday treats consumed.  One of my Favorite holiday new traditions is the Family Hike in the mountains.  The Fresh air and hike around a lake, hot cocoa, and a Healthy snack brings the family closer and keeps us active.

Give these tips a try and help Lose weight during the holiday seasons just like our bootcampers do at My Fit Core

Always here to help

Yvette Scamperino – Owner My Fit Core – Extreme Fitness Indoor Bootcamp in Chino   909-631-7300

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