IMG_9969Brenda age 52 off 21 medications, down to a slim size 6.  I call her Flow Jo cause we got her body looking back like a track star.

Shirley age 55  Fit size 6 with amazing toned arms, shoulders, back.  Come see and be inspired!

Fawn age 50 Mom of three empty nesters.  Down 49 lbs, eliminated inflammation of the foods causing the problems.  She was a tough case to crack, but we did it and she looks AWESOME!  It is not just weight loss, it is adding back lean muscle, toning, flattening the stomach, lifting her back side, complete toned Lean body.  She is shy, but I am sure she will share her “Love the Transformation” journey with you : )

Gail age 57 Fit size 6 with Energy, Confident, Healthy.  Wow!  Come see these toned arms.

Kallie Mom of Two busy boys.  She trained with us through both pregnancies and got her Runway body back within 4-8 weeks each time.  If you think I am kidding just ask her for yourself in person.  

Michelle newly married bride, we maintained her beautiful tiny fit size 2 body for over 4 years.  You got see this back, arms, and shoulders.  It’s pretty darn hot!

Maricella Mom of 3 almost empty nesters.  She just started with us but we got 14 lbs off in 8 weeks.