Chino Hills Bootcamp debuts its newest program the 28 Day Total Lean Body Tune-Up.

We’ve all done it- put off losing weight, getting healthy, and we somehow find our self in the Doctors office.  Do we take the prescription?  Or do we step up and take charge of our life and give our body the Tune-up it needs?

This is also for you if you have a wedding, vacation, or other special event that is now forcing you to do something drastic.  If you know that that special day is approaching fast, and you need help fast to get you the healthy body you desire, then you are going to LOVE this New program we created just for you.

The 28 Day Total Lean Body Tune- Up has three steps so you start seeing results immediately.

  •  Unlimited Fitness Training session
  • Nutrition Tune-Up
  • Accountability and weekly measurements

Unlimited access to the Fitness Training sessions-  Chino Hills Bootcamp workouts along with Metabolic strength training.  Simple 30 minute workouts with certified personal trainers.  The program offers affordable sessions compared to private on-on-one personal training.

The Nutrition Tune-Up makes sure there is NO more Calorie Counting and NO Starving.  You even get to detox for a few days to give the body the time it needs to reset for optimum Fat Loss

Accountability and weekly measurements and assessments.  You will know exactly how your body is progressing and reaching its fat loss goals.  Your Trainer will motivate you and keep you accountable with a simple plan that works.

Are you ready for the Chino Hills Bootcamp 28 Day Total Body Tune-UP?

Our pilot program results are in and the stats are phenomenal!

Nick Chino Hills age 53 Lost 14 lbs, gained 7 lbs of muscle.  Completely changed his body composition to a youthful fit body.  The best part is that his Doctor didn’t have to give him choeleral medicine or high blood pressure medicine and he saved $Thousands on his Life Insurance policy for his family.

Katherine Pomona age 36 Lost 18 lbs, Lost 4 inches off her waist.  She had the best shopping experience trying on jeans.  They were all too big!

Lupe Hacienda Heights age 50 Lost 12 lbs, increased her Lean muscle, Toned her whole body.  Her goal was to feel confident in her swimsuit in Cancun.  She surpassed her goal, wore a bikini for the first time in 15 years with a flat toned abs and 3 inches off her hips and thighs.  She rocked her bikini.

If you are looking for stunning results that you have to owe it to yourself to try the My Fit Core Fitness & Wellness Chino Hills Bootcamp.

Enroll now and be our next success story.  909-631-7300

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