T5_2013Proven Before and After programs – At our Fitness & Wellness Center, our Clients attend 30 minute Metabolic Fun Rapid Weight Loss Sessions designed for Beg. to Inter. Levels.  We have the Fat Loss programs to help You Finally reach their desired fitness and Weight Loss goals with Motivating Workouts using non intimidating equipment -medicine balls, battling ropes, balancing disc’s and strength training equipment.

30 Minutes 3x a weekQuick Fat Loss Results.

We Specialize in Hormone & Thyroid Slim Down Programs; Hormone In- Balance, Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s.  We work with your Dr. to Optimize your Health and Tone for Sexy Lean Muscles, Speed up your Metabolism, Gain Energy, and Lose UnWanted Body Fat. Successfully get our Clients off Medications.  Custom Nutritional and Meal Plans is also included as part of the Hormone & Thyroid programs.  You will discover the SUPER FOODS for your body type and metabolism and Lifestyle.

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Get the Tight Energetic Body You’ve Always Wanted

with our Proven Before & After Programs

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Feel Energetic and Look Sexy

Leaner Arms, Butt, Hips and Thighs: Firm up problem areas.  Get a Firmer and Leaner body and reduce Hips and Butt.

Gain Energy decrease Fat : Lose Unwanted FAT with our Fitness Slim Down Formula – Lose 2X MORE Fat and a Pant size or Two.

Firmer and Flatter Stomach: Shrink 3-6 inches off your waist and fit back into your clothes again…

Increased Metabolism Boost- Gain Energy: With our 18 hour after burn technique your Metabolism is working for you all throughout the day.  Burns more Calories even while resting.

Successfully Reduce or Eliminate Medications: High Blood Pressure, Cholesteral, Thyroid, Ashma mediations.

Motivation -Support-Accountbility: Our Teams have worked with 1000’s in Community achieving Outstanding Results.  We are here to support and keep you accountable for getting Results.  Noone falls through the cracks… Contact us to begin our Magic! 

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